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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


  Why is it the air seems
 too thin  to breathe
      when you walk into my world?
   Minding my own business
 and suddenly you
          are the only  
          business around.
          You flash
             that smile,
         whisper things
   that bring to mind
         hot sweaty nights
 and the feel of silk
         sliding through my fingers.
 You see me
and think your words
  make me go weak
         in the knees.
  You cant see the longing
    In my sordid little heart
 to push you against the wall
     and bite into
 that big juicy apple of seduction
    you keep offering.
        Would it shock you
 to know
       I want the feel of you
on my tongue?
     to know I want  you
            and heavy
 sinking into me
               fucking me on
                       the table
               the desk
   the floor, for all I care.
    Just you
          and me
              and the slick
                         sticky feel of us
       The sharp sting
                  of teeth         
                 on bared skin                          
      the taste of you
                    flooding my mouth
        and the sounds of
               silence and
clogging up the air
   that is suddenly too thick            
too hot
   too scarce
          to breathe           

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Poetry of Us..

  Soft rain falls
outside windows
    left open
  to warm afternoon mists.
  no power, no phones
 just me
         and you
reading books of poetry
  to each other
       in the half light.
   A gentle breeze
 blows against
         my face
     but its your kiss
 at the small of my back
  that makes me shiver.
     I lose my place 
    in the book
 when the heat of your
   tongue brushes
   against my spine
  and all thoughts
     of reading
   slip my mind.
We push books
     and clothing
and find the poetry
    of each other;
each verse
  a sonnet
     of desperate whispers
rhythms of
   exquisite pleasure
every meter
   measured in moans
       and sighs
   and the sound
       of my name
on your lips...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Afternoon...

   Wet warmth greeted me as I carded my way inside the room, a sweet relief from the chill outside. The open bathroom door allowed the steam to gather , coating mirrors and then my naked body, as I slid out of my full length coat. Leaving the ice bucket on the dresser and my red stilettos on the floor,my body flushed hot as I thought of joining you.

   I stopped in the doorway of the bathroom, body frozen , heart racing as I watched you through the clear plastic curtain. One arm supporting your weight, you leaned against the shower wall. Clouded light silvered the water beading on your shoulders, dripping off your hair..running rivers down the column of your spine, accentuating every muscle, every peak and valley of your beautiful body.

   Your free hand stroking lather onto your body, pausing to rub tightened muscles and the small bruises that no doubt bore the shape of my teeth. You smiled to yourself, and my breath caught in my throat. Forcing myself free from the door jamb, I stepped in behind you.

   The chill of the cold afternoon must have still lingered on my skin; your nipples hardened under my fingers, as I pressed my breasts against your back. You moaned encouragement so I closed my eyes and allowed my hands to roam. My fingers slid in the soapy wetness, gliding across soft skin and rough patches of hair. Every ripple of muscle, every sigh and moan, committed to memory as I explored your body. I teased you, until you finally took my hand in your own, pushing it down the plain of your belly so I could wrap my fingers around your velvet hardness.

   A sharp, intake of breath, and I was suddenly pressed up against the tile wall. Your mouth hard against mine; your teeth nibbling my bottom lip. The chill of the wall was in stark contrast to the heat rolling of your body. You lifted me up slightly, fingers digging into my thighs, and I wrapped my legs around your waist. I felt the head of your cock rubbing against my clit; I thought you would take me there, against the wall. Your lips left mine, to find that spot on my neck, and I could feel the pound of your heart against my breast. I threaded my fingers through your wet hair, felt the brush of your goatee , the graze of your teeth on my jaw, my collar bone, on my nipples.

   You lifted your head, and looked into my eyes. You smiled at me, and the world stopped for a moment. My thumb traced that tiny scar on your face, where once I kissed the sting away. You whispered my name, and I leaned in to taste the words of love on your lips.

   You pulled me tight against you as you carried me from the shower, and threw us both, sopping wet, onto the bed. The rumpled blankets stuck to damp skin, getting in the way, until you finally pushed them all onto the floor in impatience. I pulled your lips back to mine, as your hands took amazing liberties with the rest of me. Gentle when I needed it, rough when I wanted it, you remembered every spot on my body that heated to your touch.

   You moved between my thighs, and looked down at us. You watched as your cock slid into me. Your grey eyes heated into quicksilver, and you claimed my lips again. With my thighs wrapped around you, you slammed into me with perfectly vicious strokes. My body welcomed you home with slick heat, my hips rising to meet every wicked thrust.My nails raked across your back; my teeth bit into your shoulder as you drove us into ecstasy. You pulled back gently as my body tensed, our eyes locked together as I came. Your name spilled from my lips, mingling with your whispers as you came, too, just a moment later. Perfect, unplanned timing...

      I dont know how long we lay there... bodies meshed together, whispering, laughing...before we remembered the shower was still on. You got up to turn off the water, and I straightened up the bed. We turned the heat up in the room, and talked away the rest of the afternoon, wrapped in damp sheets... and each other...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Phone Call...


     Your voice
 drives the butterflies
   into a frenzy
  bouncing off the walls
 of a plunging stomach
   like the first step off a cliff
           with no tether.
  spoken in rough whispers
    dripping sex
      my heart melts
    into shivering puddles
         of sin
   heat under my skin
     reminding me of
       lost hours
 Spent naked
   in the warmth
      of your arms
   reveling in
 the softest touch
   of your tongue
     to mine...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012



I want to be with you
 Somewhere warm ...
        somewhere quiet
Windows open
        to  thunder and rain.
    Naked in your arms.
Sheets damp
     blankets shoved to the floor
   Our bodies exhausted
 My lips
     tingling from your kisses.
   My thighs
           aching and sore
My body
     so tight against yours,
not even a breath
      could pass between us ....

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stolen Time...

come slide with me
   down into this place
 this deep
 where time can't reach
and the sound
    of our whispers
off the walls
    fills the space
and your breath
  on my skin
     is everything.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

perfect kiss...

  I didnt think you would come, and yet there you were just outside my door. The rain fell softly ,muting sounds, creating a hazy shield of privacy we took every advantage of. The world was awash in verdant greens and browns- the spice of earth and newness in the air. But it was your storm colored eyes that held me in thrall, and  it was the scent of your skin that would linger on me, long after you'd gone.
  I stood  there with you in the autumn wetness, the comfort of your arms surrounded me, your forehead against mine. Whispers of love and apology dripped into my ears. With clothes plastered to our skin, rain and tears mingling on our faces, we held each other like time would never end.

   Hesitantly, almost teasing, your lips found mine. First, just the barest touch. I felt your body relax into mine; then your slow sigh. My hand slid to the nape of your neck, fingers threaded through damp hair. A moment's pause, a roll of distant thunder, and then the slightest tickle of your mustache as your lips pressed into mine. Just sweet, warm pressure and your hands on the small of my back. Neither of us moving, the rain still misting around us.
  My hands drifted down your back, tried to tug your sodden shirt out of your jeans. I needed to feel your skin under my fingers, but I couldnt pull it free. I moaned in frustration, and you stepped back from me, removing it altogether. Your eyes, the color of the skies around us, caught mine and my heart tripped. You pulled me back into your arms, and when I would resist, you whispered my name, that name , and I melted against you.

  You cupped the back of my neck, captured my lips with yours, and the fire we'd been playing with surged into an inferno. My fingers dug into your bare shoulders and the gentle nips of your teeth on my bottom lip threatened to undo my tenuous hold on sanity. Tongue tangled with tongue, your hands gripping my hips, the hard length of you rubbing in all the right places. Gentle nibbles lead to hard caresses. Your teeth on my neck... my shoulder... my ear... and back to the lips that were begging for yours, moaning your name.

    Your hands roamed the wet contours of my body.  The rain left my tank top nearly see through, and my hard nipples were on display. As your thumbs brushed against one, as your teeth teased the other, my moans as load as the occasional rumble of thunder. I didn't care where we were, I just wanted you, I wanted that kiss, and I wanted to never let you go.

         A sharp burst of thunder, and the flames that were starting to spiral out of control cooled in the sudden downpour. You pulled me into the shelter of an overhang, and I rested my head on your shoulder. We held each other, and listened while the storm raged around us. The clock inside chimed, reminding us both that time had slipped away, and you needed to go. Another  apology, and a promise to be back soon. I reached up to brush the damp hair from your face, and you kissed the inside of my wrist. You whispered your love against my lips as you kissed me goodbye, and I watched you get into the Jeep and drive away.

     As I turned to go inside, I noticed the rain had finally stopped.


Friday, January 20, 2012


Remember when?

you whisper
       my name
your voice
   on my phone
( low,
raising my pulse
from your tongue
   Heat rising
      blood pounding
    both of us
  for relief
finding it
     in each other

I feel your lips
part my own
   your tongue
 tangling with mine
( flicking that spot)
     making me moan
my knees weak
    head spinning
 tasting desire
   wanting ...

   I'm naked,
  in your gaze
  your watercolor eyes
  every curve,
     every indention
         every imperfection
  (the way your fingers
       trace my lips)
     their intensity
  leaving me breathless
    setting loose
       wild butterflies

      you whisper
         my name
      your voice low
          breath warm on my ear
              your lips find mine
           soft, sweet,
                     your tongue                      
             driving me crazy
                  with need
                      as your fingers
           across heated skin
         wrecking havoc
                  with good intentions
            as I feel
     and everything you are
            into my soul.