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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Dream

I had that dream again...
I was in a hotel lounge. Sitting alone at a table in the back of the room. I had a clear view of the dance floor, and the bar with a huge mirror across the wall above it. I couldn't see the entrance door directly , but it was reflected in the mirror. There was music in the background,an old Duran Duran tune. I felt so alone, and I just wanted to leave, but before I got up, I saw you walk in. You went straight to the bar and sat down. You didn't see me. I walked up behind you, and slid my hands around your waist. I kissed the side of your neck, worked my way up to your ear, and nibbled on your ear lobe. You told the bartender to take the night off, and pulled me around to face you. You undid the belt of my jacket, and it fell to the floor. I was only wearing my boots and a pair of panties under it. You pulled me so close, I could feel your heart beating. You held me so tight, pressing me into you.You kissed me, teasing at first. Nipping at my lips never giving me full contact. I threaded my fingers through your hair, forcing your lips to mine. I could feel your hands on my hips, my ass, digging into my skin. I wanted your tongue in my mouth, but you kept teasing. I trailed my hands down your chest, looking for the buttons on your shirt, and finally I just pulled it apart. I could hear the buttons as they popped and fell to the floor. I had to have my hands on your skin. To feel the warmth,to feel how fast your heart was beating.I pushed the shirt off your shoulders, down your arms, and let it drop to the floor. I ran my hands all over your chest, your back. I brushed my thumbs across your nipples. They were so hard.I moved my hands down your ribcage, and I slipped the tips of my fingers under the waist band of your pants. I needed to feel you. I pulled your body into me, my breasts naked against your chest, your erection pressing so hard into me, the demin of your jeans rubbing against my clit so rough i almost came right then. I grabbed the back of your head, and pressed my lips into yours, kissing you deep. I felt you unbuttoning your pants, your knuckles brushed my clit, and I almost lost control. You pushed me back against the bar, and slid my panties down my hips. You were kneeling at my feet, pants open, and you were so fucking hard. I could feel your heat through my boot. You gripped my ass, and pulled my pussy into your face. You picked up my knee, and put it over your shoulder, opening me up to your tongue. You kissed the insides of my thighs, biting gently. You licked inside me, and my knees buckled. You stood up, and turned me around, sitting me on the edge of a table. I wrapped my legs around your waist, trying to make you slide into me, but you wouldn't let me. You put your lips on my nipple, sucking me into your mouth, I arched my back, holding your head to me. I was begging you to fuck me, and you just moved to the other nipple. I grabbed your ass, and made you thrust deep inside me. I wanted to hold you there, but you slid back out, moving in a rhythm that drove me crazy. You leaned over me, kissing my neck, my breasts, whispering in my ear the things you wanted to do to me. You put my legs up over your shoulder, pushing deeper into me. You held my breasts in your hand, squeezing my nipples in your fingers. You pushed my legs down,and I wrapped them around your waist. You pulled me up to you, kissed me so hard. You whispered into my ear that you wanted to come inside me, and I moaned your name as I came...
And then I was suddenly awake again.Sitting alone at a table in the back of the hotel lounge watching for
you in the mirror....

6/30/09 4:32 am

Sunday, June 7, 2009


( so much)
( so hot)
(so wet)
(so hard)
( so bad)
( so soft)
( so slow)
( so deep)
( so long)
( so good)
( your name)