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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Afternoon...

   Wet warmth greeted me as I carded my way inside the room, a sweet relief from the chill outside. The open bathroom door allowed the steam to gather , coating mirrors and then my naked body, as I slid out of my full length coat. Leaving the ice bucket on the dresser and my red stilettos on the floor,my body flushed hot as I thought of joining you.

   I stopped in the doorway of the bathroom, body frozen , heart racing as I watched you through the clear plastic curtain. One arm supporting your weight, you leaned against the shower wall. Clouded light silvered the water beading on your shoulders, dripping off your hair..running rivers down the column of your spine, accentuating every muscle, every peak and valley of your beautiful body.

   Your free hand stroking lather onto your body, pausing to rub tightened muscles and the small bruises that no doubt bore the shape of my teeth. You smiled to yourself, and my breath caught in my throat. Forcing myself free from the door jamb, I stepped in behind you.

   The chill of the cold afternoon must have still lingered on my skin; your nipples hardened under my fingers, as I pressed my breasts against your back. You moaned encouragement so I closed my eyes and allowed my hands to roam. My fingers slid in the soapy wetness, gliding across soft skin and rough patches of hair. Every ripple of muscle, every sigh and moan, committed to memory as I explored your body. I teased you, until you finally took my hand in your own, pushing it down the plain of your belly so I could wrap my fingers around your velvet hardness.

   A sharp, intake of breath, and I was suddenly pressed up against the tile wall. Your mouth hard against mine; your teeth nibbling my bottom lip. The chill of the wall was in stark contrast to the heat rolling of your body. You lifted me up slightly, fingers digging into my thighs, and I wrapped my legs around your waist. I felt the head of your cock rubbing against my clit; I thought you would take me there, against the wall. Your lips left mine, to find that spot on my neck, and I could feel the pound of your heart against my breast. I threaded my fingers through your wet hair, felt the brush of your goatee , the graze of your teeth on my jaw, my collar bone, on my nipples.

   You lifted your head, and looked into my eyes. You smiled at me, and the world stopped for a moment. My thumb traced that tiny scar on your face, where once I kissed the sting away. You whispered my name, and I leaned in to taste the words of love on your lips.

   You pulled me tight against you as you carried me from the shower, and threw us both, sopping wet, onto the bed. The rumpled blankets stuck to damp skin, getting in the way, until you finally pushed them all onto the floor in impatience. I pulled your lips back to mine, as your hands took amazing liberties with the rest of me. Gentle when I needed it, rough when I wanted it, you remembered every spot on my body that heated to your touch.

   You moved between my thighs, and looked down at us. You watched as your cock slid into me. Your grey eyes heated into quicksilver, and you claimed my lips again. With my thighs wrapped around you, you slammed into me with perfectly vicious strokes. My body welcomed you home with slick heat, my hips rising to meet every wicked thrust.My nails raked across your back; my teeth bit into your shoulder as you drove us into ecstasy. You pulled back gently as my body tensed, our eyes locked together as I came. Your name spilled from my lips, mingling with your whispers as you came, too, just a moment later. Perfect, unplanned timing...

      I dont know how long we lay there... bodies meshed together, whispering, laughing...before we remembered the shower was still on. You got up to turn off the water, and I straightened up the bed. We turned the heat up in the room, and talked away the rest of the afternoon, wrapped in damp sheets... and each other...

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