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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Letter From Marlow...

            Fuck me like you own me.
   I want to feel your lips all over my body,
     Taste me, Love,

      that deepest secret spot thats always ready for you.
When you kiss me I want to taste myself on your lips,
               on your tongue.
    I want to smell my scent on your body.
When my lips are traveling down your chest,
           sucking ...
   ... kissing
               biting ...
   on your nipples,
I want to feel your fingers inside me
     stroking into the hot wetness
I want you to know how my body reacts
      to your touch...
          to  your kiss...
    to just the thought of you...
       ... Fuck, you make me so hot.
I want your beautiful cock in my mouth.
    (I dream about how you taste)
    I want to feel the satin skin against my tongue
I want to take you so deep into my throat
   and feel your hands threaded through my hair.
 I'm going to dig my fingers into your thighs
my nails are going to leave permanent marks
    little half moon kisses of blood...
          I cant control myself around you.
      I want to make you wild
   and let you fuck my mouth
 the way I know im going to fuck yours.
   I want you to watch me take you into my mouth,
watch me lick....
     ....and suck
             ... and bite....
                      the way I know you like it.
  I want to hear your heavy breathing and your moans, Love.
I want to hear your voice telling me how much you love what im doing to you.
                I need to hear it.
I want to slip you inside me, to be part of me,
and then I want to pull you out and see what we taste like together.
     When you're ready to come, Love,I want you to tell me,
I want to watch your eyes as I swallow you, every drop.
When you pull me to you,
          I want to be so close our skin fuses together.
I want to feel your heart pounding against mine,
             every breath shared...
     every blink...
              every sigh...
   felt by the other.
I'm going to stroke your body because I cant keep my hands off your skin.
        I need to feel you alive and warm and sweat slicked.
I want to feel you press me against the mattress and hold my wrists above my head
    while you kiss my face..
 my neck..
   nibble my ear...
       Oh, god yes, bite me, love.
    Bite me hard the way I like it.
Use your hands,
        (those strong, hard fingers)
                     to rub my breasts.
Use your lips  and your teeth to tease my nipples.
(They're hard and they ache for you always.)
When I bury my hands in your hair ,
               dig my fingers into your shoulder
        rake my nails down your back
  you'll know how bad im burning for you.
When I bite into your shoulder ,
                forgive me, Love
          if I  draw blood.
Your hands are like fire on my skin.
      I cant seem to control this need...
          this raging desire...
  To consume you.
        To be part of you.
     Never close enough.
  Never deep enough.
I want to feel your glorious cock
         ...  slick
        ... and mine
                sliding  into me,
your hands bruising my thighs as you hold them apart.
I want to feel the stretch in the muscles as you push my legs back against the bed,
       or pull them roughly over your shoulder.
   I need to feel you so deep inside me.
             Please, Love.
I want you to pound into me with everything you have,
            Push me to my limits.
                  Feel how primed I am for you,
    feel how hot ...
           ... soft
                 .... tight.
      And all of it only for you.
I want you to watch my face when you slide in,
           see the fire,
                  the want
                     the love in my eyes...
      listen to my whispers ,
         my moans,
   Feel my need for you...
        And when I'm ready to come,
                I need you there with me.
  I want to go over that edge holding you inside me.
        Need to feel you explode inside me,
           need to feel that hot burst ,
    those sudden tremors that keep time
  with the pulses you've sent through my body.
            So fuck me like you own me.
                  Because you do...

  © Photograph personal property of  Vivid X Photography

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Beginning of a poem...

Sharing a breath
     a glance,
the flutter
of impossibly
      long lashes
over rainstorm eyes..
The shape of his lips
     his devastating smile
his gentle kiss..
    on the inside of my wrist.
the warmth of his skin
     under my fingers
the taste
 of salt in my tears
       and honey
on his tongue...

Sunday, August 14, 2011


    Do you remember the black slides?
You were so fascinated when I let
            just one
  dangle from my toes
My legs crossed
  skirt riding up my thighs,
 smooth, tanned legs
 and would have parted
  just for you
   at the slightest touch...
but your eyes never left
  that shoe
dangling from the very

©Vivid X Photography (slides)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

White Lace...

  The scent of rain
 carried in through french doors
 The sound of thunder
and your quiet sighs
  Whispers of silk
 sliding across soft,
   smooth skin
 the heat of your hands
skimming down my thighs
  bite marks on your shoulder
the feel of your tongue
  the satin of your lips
 the weight of your body
 pressing into me
   the feel of your teeth
 biting into my hip
The hard length of you
 pushing deep into my core
 the look in your eyes
as you watch my face
 The tightening of your muscles,
  the taste of your kiss
 The lingering reminders
of you and white lace

©Vivid X Photography ( White Lace)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Winter Wonderland

It was still the deepest dark, the morning I picked you up for work. I waited for you at the corner, the heater blasting, Prince in the CD player; slow, low and sensual.Snow flittered around me, accumulating on the ground in small drifts. My eyes watching for your shadow, your walk, your face, as you turned the corner. You slid inside, the smell of you filling the tiny car as soon as you shut the door. A quick smile, a soft hello, and we slowly made our way through the tangle of streets to a darkened corner of our small,empty neighborhood. We didn't do much talking , you and I, but we were so eloquent in the language of need.

..and so I remember...

A rush of heat that didn't come from the vents fogged up the half frozen glass, sealing us into our own little world, freeing us from prying eyes. Allowing us to believe in the magic of our solitude, and the slide of our hands against each others flesh.
Buttons undone, zippers pulled down, clothing pushed aside or ripped apart. Skin exposed, tongues entwined, and hot,rock solid cock met soft wetness with a gasp that could have come from either one of us, and maybe both. Hard thrusts and gentle rocking, your mouth on my nipples, my teeth on your ear. Cold glass against my shoulder, liquid fire exploding into me, through me. Your arms so tight around me I can barely catch my breath as it mingles with yours.
Neither of us wanting to move from this place. Skin melting to skin in the dampness. Your hand sticky on my thigh, my hand in your hair, holding your face for the softest of kisses. We were drunk on the power of this thing between us, knowing that reality would crowd in, and the magic of the moment would fade into necessity...

I pulled up to the curb a distance from the office door. The car in park, still running for the warmth, and the music. I shifted in my seat. You reached out to touch my face, smiling that dangerous smile. Your lips touched mine, a ripple and echo of the need returned. On a gentle moan and the soft sigh of your ' I love you', the door opened and you moved down the sidewalk, towards the door to your life. And I returned to mine.