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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


  Why is it the air seems
 too thin  to breathe
      when you walk into my world?
   Minding my own business
 and suddenly you
          are the only  
          business around.
          You flash
             that smile,
         whisper things
   that bring to mind
         hot sweaty nights
 and the feel of silk
         sliding through my fingers.
 You see me
and think your words
  make me go weak
         in the knees.
  You cant see the longing
    In my sordid little heart
 to push you against the wall
     and bite into
 that big juicy apple of seduction
    you keep offering.
        Would it shock you
 to know
       I want the feel of you
on my tongue?
     to know I want  you
            and heavy
 sinking into me
               fucking me on
                       the table
               the desk
   the floor, for all I care.
    Just you
          and me
              and the slick
                         sticky feel of us
       The sharp sting
                  of teeth         
                 on bared skin                          
      the taste of you
                    flooding my mouth
        and the sounds of
               silence and
clogging up the air
   that is suddenly too thick            
too hot
   too scarce
          to breathe