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Sunday, August 14, 2011


    Do you remember the black slides?
You were so fascinated when I let
            just one
  dangle from my toes
My legs crossed
  skirt riding up my thighs,
 smooth, tanned legs
 and would have parted
  just for you
   at the slightest touch...
but your eyes never left
  that shoe
dangling from the very

©Vivid X Photography (slides)


Anonymous said...

I remember.
If I had taken my eyes off of that shoe, we both would have been in serious trouble. But the librarians would have had a lot to talk about amongst themselves. Mwa.

max xavier said...

Hi, there. Yes, they certainly would have.

I'm glad you remember.

Anonymous said...

You're sexy. I'd definitely hit it. Do you like younger men? [;

max xavier said...

Depends on the man ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm eager to please. But I'm sure that's not all you want [;

Wrath said...

You, dear, are an amazing woman. The self-portrait you put on FB last month was something straight out of my fantasies. Someday...

Mac Campbell said...

Do you ever get your anonymous posters mixed up?

Lovely poem. Although regarding the first post on rhe new blog,I have a hard time believing the loan officer wasn't swayed by your tactic...;)

max xavier said...

Thanks, Mac.
Nope, I never get them confused ;-)