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Friday, May 29, 2009

Oral Fixation

     He wrapped her red booted legs around his waist. The straps of her ankle restraints caught and held, and he closed the mechanism, locking himself tight inside the circle of her naked thighs. Her white skin gleamed in the shafts of moonlight pouring through the open window. Sounds of the suburban night flowed weightlessly on the breeze, not yet loud enough to cover the heavy breathing that echoed in the near empty room.
     Touching her excited him, aroused him in ways he'd never imagined. So often he thought about this moment; he and her, tangled in passion and need. He wanted every drop of her passion, every taste, every swallow only his. He wanted his tongue pushing against her soft wetness, thrusting and sliding,until it was his wetness that was left. Her hair ribboned across the pillow, raven black in the moonlight , and he missed the streaks of blue and purple that glowed in the afternoon sun. His calloused hands traced across her outer thighs, and he marveled at the silky smoothness. His heart raced in his chest, a physical pounding he was sure could be heard for miles. Slowly his fingers drew circles over her hips, his thumbs brushing against her hipbones.
     The patent leather of her boots grew slick against his skin, and he could feel trickles of sweat racing along his spine. He didn't know how much longer he could draw out the pleasure before he had to taste her. She was shaved bare and wide open, and he could smell the musky scent of her. He could imagine those lips would be pink in the proper light, but now were shadowed and glistening with the moisture that he knew was pooling there. His fingers danced across her skin so lightly, and suddenly there they were, touching that secret place he had wanted for so long.
      Her green watercolor eyes were shadowed by her long lashes , but he could see the passion there, feel the heat between them. She would let him do anything he wanted, anything at all. So he dipped his head down and kissed those soft, dusky lips, stroking them with his tongue.He heard her moan low in her throat as she bucked against his mouth. He felt her fingers digging into his shoulders. She gripped him hard with her legs, squeezing his ribs until he could hardly breathe. He sucked her clit into his mouth, tongue lashing furiously against the sensitive nub. He rubbed his face into her , feeling her wetness on his cheeks. He pulled at her clit with his teeth gently, feeling her tense, listening to her moans. She slid over the edge , fingernails raking his skin, screaming his name as she came, and screaming again as his teeth sank through her skin. He yanked his head backward ,her clit still held tight in his teeth. As he devoured her flesh and lapped at her blood, he marveled at this fantasy come true. Every drop was his... every taste... every swallow.


brian said...

damn...your writng is so makes me crazy

Scott M. Baker said...

Excellent story, Max. Enticing right up to the end.